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Center for Analysis, Creation and Development

About Us

20 years of experience at your disposal in just one click!
Daniel M.

Consultant, Coach, Motivator, Director, Writer, Speaker, Poet, 

Marketing and Leadership Professional

Daniel M.

Hello, fellow synchronized!

Be very welcome to the CACD!

I’m Daniel Morais. Business manager and marketing professional with more than 20 years of continuous and successful experience in audit, consultancy, mentoring and training of human resources in Portugal, Brazil and France. I always work with commitment, persistence and joy, adapting the projects of different niches of activity, to a wide range of customers, with exclusive demands and the necessary adaptations to fit within the market’s constant development.

My work is to lead teams and businesses, guiding them towards a future with tactical vision, a sharp focus by identifying the root problem and develop innovative marketing solutions and, therefore, maximizing the business’s performance. 

In all projects developed throughout this consistent path, of more than 20 years of practical experience, I have always produced positive results to help partner companies to achieve their goals, outlining a clear cut action plan.  

I have extensive knowledge of Electronic Document and Records Management – EDRM, Kelio HR System, Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS) and Sage Payroll System.

My executive presentation is polished and my ability to convey ideas with confidence for a wide range of business areas and clients, relying on a style of persuasive communication and positively influence the decision-makers.

I’m a natural, articulated communicator, a negotiator, an “entertainer” with talent to achieve ambitious results, motivating teams, build internal and external allies and selling ideas across the organization to “buy-in” from all levels. I’m deeply committed to add value and surpass expectations through a collaborative resolution of problems, attention to detail, natural intuition for business and a disciplined decision maker.

My experience in training program management, lectures, purchasing operations, SWOT analysis, sales and customer services, audits of financial records and business development  all add value and experience to your business. 

My fields of expertise include:  

  Marketing and business consulting;

  Creation, development and management of projects;

  Professional and motivating coaching;

  Management of human, strategic and financial resources;


  Digital marketing;

  Among others... 

The services presented here on the Marketing CACD website are a sum of what I have learned over the years in my professional career and are also based on my experience of more than two decades. These tools are an asset to your company.


I’m looking forward to hear from you and your business and listen to your story.

Synchronize yourself and feel welcome!

Book now! 

The most valuable time is always NOW!



Center for Analysis, Creation and Development

The story of Marketing C.A.C.D. is amazing!

The CACD was born in Portugal in 2007, in a company where I worked as Commercial Director. It was a blessed moment of my professional life. I met people with love and focus on what they did. There were no secret that if you wanted to do things efficiently you would need to set clear goals, work with joy and continuous motivation. 

At that time I was already working in the roles and services that I offer you today, however the name was not Marketing CACD. 

The foundation of Marketing CACD emerged by necessity in 2003, in Brazil, while working as a Commercial supervisor in a food distribution company. It was also at this time that I developed the "30 Points of Relationship"  that I describe in the book with the same title. 

In the company there were  frequent discussions, a tremendous amount of ego in the way, and there were a lot of people with the most opposite  opinions. This was  everywhere, from the top to the bottom of the company, all over the country. This company was founded and guided by the strong hands of a man who, with his energy, could tame a lion using his teeth, holding it by the tail. A great entrepreneur, friend and partner.

One day we  finished a meeting and went for a cofee both focused on these internal communication issues. The president of the company was always motivated to recycle, to share his thoughts and always wanting to lead the business to new horizonts. While we where walking I said: “The company needs an independent intelligence department. We need a center for analysis, creation and development .”

On that precise moment, he stopped me, in front of the elevator, whose door was already open and, holding my left arm, facing me, he asked: “Can you repeat what you just said?”

And I did: “The company needs an independent intelligence department. We need a center for analysis, creation and development.”


And C.A.C.D was born.



cacd online

I have always love to learn and do my very best to be in the vanguard, looking for  what is more recent. I love reading and get knowledge.

This passion is part of the development of evolution of the soul, the being… and should be applied to people, professions and businesses. I’m a long standing fan of the word recycling.

In my perspective, that world makes us humble, it awakens our attention and keeps us alive. 

My main characteristic and ability was having natural aptitude for sales. First and foremost, if anyone asks me what I am professionally I always answer with pride "I’m a salesman!" Sales came first and then their blessings. But I wanted more and, more than selling, I wanted to help more people  to became salespersons.

I kept selling! But selling was no longer enough and teaching how to sell was no longer enough either. I had the need to administer the product that was being sold, understanding that this is not the end but rather the means. After that comes  technical knowledge, the mathematics, the ABC curve, the CM, the Volume, the Turnover, the profit, etc… And so the 30 points of relationship, and subsequently, the CACD Marketing were born.

Now we are in the 21st century, in the world of the Internet, the digital era as come. It's a need be ONLINE. The C.A.C.D. Marketing now offers the Online CACD - System of Consultancy and Communication. 

For those who want to work with me, who want my services, my experience, always with love and dedication, welcome to the understanding and the constant use of the word RECYLING.

Today it is necessary to be ready to meet the world via the internet. We are online, connected! LET’S CHEER TECHNOLOGY.   

Consulting, visual communication, digital marketing, logo, slogan,  websites for you and your company and all my skills and experience are now at your disposal  with Marketing CACD Online. Wherever you are on this planet. you just need to click

BOOK NOW , and we will be together, connected. 


Welcome to the CACD online, Welcome to the technology and Welcome to RECYCLING!!



calice padrao
I love my Nanny
Because I love you!

I have a passion for children since I was a child. I am one of six direct cousins, and although I am not the oldest, I have always been a conflict mediator.


Keeping everyone busy, happy and getting along made me feel calm and satisfied. The initial pattern remained the same and I always ended up working with children at any given time.


But it was only much later that I started to notice this pattern ... I was working a lot more with children than adults ... and I loved it! It was then a natural process to start focusing my training and activity on the children, and improving my skills together with them. I wanted to be the best teacher I could be !!


Now almost 10 years since I started I Love My Nanny is finally born! And I ... I am still learning day after day with them ... the children!



star sites
STAR SITES. Be Online!

For years I have worked in sales, aquiring new customers, with direct sales, distribution of products and others.

As we all know, we are in the 21st century and, since I have already mentioned Recycling, here we go again. The DIGITAL ERA is already there.

The virtual world is a reality. The proof is found in major corporations that have their higher profits in the virtual realm, whether in product sales, services (like Marketing CACD) or financial speculation, among others...

I want to warn you that, today, all over the world, there are only two hundred million of websites with their attached virtual addresses and is growing as you read this text. As a matter of fact, this number is ‘nothing’ compared with the number of existing businesses and trades in the whole world, including the place where you are at this very precise moment. You don't want to be left behind. In addition we provide  GRAPHIC SERVICES and PRINTED DESIGN (we work all over Europe).


We believe that being aware of having your DIGITAL BRAND, your OWN virtual PERSONALITY is fundamental to your positioning in the market and professional growth. This is a fact. The purpose of the STAR SITES is to bring you and your company into the virtual world and develop the consciousness of virtual, teaching you how to use it.

Welcome to another branch of the CACD group. Welcome to STAR SITES... Be online!



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